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Maximize Ad Spend Staffing Profitability

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Maximize Media Benefits

Stretch every dollar with our strategic insights and tailored media buying strategies

Access to Zero-Cost Tools

Access a suite of top-tier media tools that amplify your capabilities without impacting your budget

Less than 5% Agency Fees

Our expert U.S.-based team will seamlessly integrate with yours, enhancing your media operations and strategies


Simplifying Your Success
in Media Buying

At SmartSpend, chasing RFPs isn’t our style—we prefer to be the secret weapon for those who do. While the media circus dazzles with the latest AI tricks, we equip you with straightforward, effective strategies. Think of us as your behind-the-scenes powerhouse, turning the complexities of media buying into clear paths toward success. We keep it simple, empowering your team to navigate through the noise and emerge victorious. While they chase, you conquer. We make sure of it.

What We Solve For

Actual Media Expertise
Is Hard To Come By

Navigating the media landscape can often feel like a game of musical chairs, but with SmartSpend, you’re always guaranteed a seat when the music stops. We connect you with the media talent you need, ensuring your projects keep moving to the rhythm of success. No more searching or settling—just the right expertise, right when you need it.

Internal Media Teams Are Expensive

Crafting a powerhouse media team is a high-stakes investment that can stretch your budget thin. SmartSpend transforms this challenge into an opportunity. We turn your media budgets into a dynamic profit center, not just a line item. Instead of sinking costs into growing your internal team, invest in SmartSpend and watch your profitability—and client satisfaction—soar.

Stop Leaving Efficiencies
On The Table

Sure, your team can place media buys, but are they squeezing out every drop of value? SmartSpend’s eagle-eyed approach identifies financial benefits you didn’t even know existed. We’re not just about spending smart; we’re about earning smart, ensuring your P&L reflects the total rewards of your media investments and then some. Let’s turn those missed opportunities into well-deserved profits.

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Optimizing Media, Maximizing Results

We’re the extra set of hands in your media toolkit, delivering comprehensive services that make every campaign shine. Because when your work looks good, we all do a little victory dance.

Media Investment

  • Media Buying
  • Campaign Management
  • Media Education
  • Media Match Assessment
  • Media Consulting

Digital Services

  • Paid Search
  • SEO
  • Social
  • Content Marketing
  • Creative Services

Traditional Services

  • National Broadcast TV
  • Local Broadcast TV
  • Out of Home
  • Print
  • Direct Response
  • Audio

Save More, Achieve More

Unlock the full potential of your media investments with SmartSpend’s Media Match audit. Our approach transforms every buy—digital ads to traditional channels—into a strategic asset. At SmartSpend, we tackle pressing challenges like margin erosion, staffing shortages, and scalability, ensuring your investments meet and exceed your financial and strategic goals.

With Media Match, you’re not just purchasing media but enhancing it. Begin today and experience how your media investments can achieve greater efficiency and more substantial returns with SmartSpend.

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Not your typical agency

At SmartSpend, we’re redefining collaboration in advertising. As a unique partner to agencies and in-house teams alike, we provide tailored media services that integrate seamlessly into your operations, enhancing growth and profitability. Under the leadership of our Co-Founders, David Rollo, and Anthony Tsigourakos, our approach transforms digital and traditional media buying into strategic investments that fuel sustainable success.

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